Sunday, April 12, 2015

Meet the Team

Hey Everyone!

In less than one month I will be done with training and on my way to Israel.  Wow.  I am so amazed by how quickly time is moving.  I want to thank you all for your prayers and support.  In case you missed the Facebook posts, I raised 100% of my funds!  God is amazing.  If it’s okay with you all, I would love to go ahead and introduce you to my team.

My team is full of world changers.  With six guys and six girls, we all work as a cohesive blend to balance each other out.  I have been amazed by the fluidity that we experience because each of them have pure intentions and desires when it comes to missions.  They are all on a journey in which they strive to run the race that the Lord has placed in front of them at full speed.  Our meetings contain both laughter and tears, silly moments woven together by the sharing of what brings us joy and pain.  We are a group of random ORU students that are doing life together and the results have been breathtaking.  We haven’t even truly started training yet I would go anywhere with these outstanding individuals.  Here is a little bit about each of them:

Adam Giedd:  Adam is my co-leader on this trip and he leads with an amazing blend of humility, structure, and grace.  He is one of the smartest guys I know and I am so blessed to be able to serve with him.  Adam and I love to joke that in the “good cop bad cop” scenario we are both bad cops, but let’s be real, he is as soft as a puppy when it comes down to it.

Macy Cochran:  Macy is my dear friend who also lives on my floor this year.  She has a beautiful singing voice and loves coffee.  Her presence calms me down and I learn something from her in every interaction.  She and I relate on what we enjoy, hate, and the life struggles that we face which leads to incredible conversations full of growth.

Connor McGraw:  Connor is an engineering student, so I often get to see the nerdy side of him.  He is hilarious, but not in a loud way, and loves a good competition.  He loves Lord of the Rings more than most things.  When he focuses, he is not easily deterred.  Anyone who meets Connor cannot help but smile when they think of him.

Brenale Johnson:  Brenale connects with my heart because of her pure passion for dancing.  She is very honest and when she experiences joy it is a beautiful sight.  I love how real she is and that she avoids pretenses and masks.  I have never seen her be anything but kind to any person.

Seth Huber:  Seth is that amazing gem that you have to dig to find.  He is quieter, but once you get to know him you get to see his integrity, wisdom, and best of all his goofy personality.  He has a quirky smile that never fails to make me smile back.  Seth has a heart to serve that is rare in its selflessness.

Amy Escobar:  Amy is a leader.  She takes initiative and goes the extra mile because that is what she enjoys.  She is stylish and loves playing around with makeup, so she always looks amazing.  Her exterior only scratches the surface of her inner gorgeous self.  Amy is that person who comes up with ways to support my team without me even thinking to ask.

Hunter Zier:  Hunter is a fun yet serious individual with a professional persona.  He holds honest values and shows extreme dedication to his friends.  He is literally so great to hang out with because he is respectful and genuinely cares about those in his life.  Oh, and he is an RA so we are totally buds from that too.

Bella Ortega:  Bella is charming and expressive.  When she tells a story she captures her audience without trying.  She is game for anything that is good and fun, and she loves a good laugh.  Bella looks for ways to grow and develop in every opportunity.  She is a bubbly spirit that is full of delight.

Jonas Tucker-Alleyne:  Jonas has one of the hugest personalities that I have ever seen.  He has the passion of a preacher, the persuasion of a salesman, and the power of a cannon.  I feel like he could sell water to someone who already has plenty but instead goes and finds those who don’t.  I hope that makes sense haha.

Paola Robayo:  Paola works harder than almost anyone I know.  She shows devotion to her job and studies yet still makes time to learn about various subjects that she simply finds interesting.  She is the image of peace.  She was the most recent addition to our team, and she definitely was our finishing touch.

Samuel Oudraogo:  Samuel doesn’t laugh often, but when he does it is thunderous.  He makes hilarious sly comments that brighten up my day.  He thinks on his feet and is ready for anything life can throw his way.  He also has an amazing accent that makes it super fun to talk to him.

This Wednesday my team has been tasked to reach 100% of their funds.  Many of them still need support, and if anyone would like to support them visit
and enter our team name (NAPHTALI) and then enter one of the members names listed above or my name and it will be distributed to those who need it.  

God bless you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers.  I promise to update again once training starts in May.